50 plus and Fabulous feat. SUSAN ARMSTRONG

One of my most favourite demographic is the mature generation of women in the so called certain age. They represent that stage of life where they are reclaiming their identity after being lost in translation. Shaping careers, being a wife, a mother, and so many other tasks that we take upon ourselves. Before you know, it, a good 25-30 years have passed and we take a look at ourselves in the mirror and ponder.....where did time go?

Susan is a double heart attack survivor, mother to 2 good looking boys and special needs advocate and backbone to her daughter Janelle. She is also blissfully married to her husband Chris for more than a quarter of a century. Sassy Sue is how everyone calls her because this powerhouse lady is sharp, witty and has the most magnanimous heart for her community.

Honour your existence and reclaim your identity. This is the moment when you are most empowered. Wiser, more experienced and even more beautiful.