Cancer and overcoming

Yuri found out about her cancer on the left breast in 2015. She felt something and decided to have it checked and they found an 8cm growth. It was stage 3.5. Her doctor said it would have been growing in silence for approximately 8 years.

 A wife to a wonderful husband, Carlos and mother to 3 beautiful children, finding out of her illness devastated her family. So much ahead of her at 40 years young. She went through a dark period of uncertainty and sadness as the probability of a shortened life, missing out on her children's milestones and the thought of her husband alone in their older years was looming over her mind. The changes in her body due to surgery and treatment dampened her spirits and that added to losing her sense of being. 

After a double mastectomy and treatment, she is on the road to recovery. Her appreciation for life is manifested in her new found "joie de vive". She says it was her faith in God that gave her the will and grace to embrace what was handed to her and each day, each breath, is God's favour on her life.