I HAVE LIVED IN west newton FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS with my kids ( 5 of whom are adults raising their own) AND SADLY WITH THE SLEW OF TECHNOLOGY, WE HAVE FORGOTTEN THE ESSENCE OF COMMUNITY. IN MY YEARS OF GROWING AS A YOUNG CHILD i can go about galavanting as early as 7 years old going to the playground on my own, taking public transport with my equally innocent 9 year old neighbours to go to the market or just being at a neighbour's house unbeknown to my parents who were at work.

Yet there was no fear or concern. Everyone knew everyone and looked out for each other. I grew up in a community that treated each chid as their own, each parent was everyone else's mom and dad.

this year, i decided to do a pop up halloween studio to get to know my neighbours and enjoy the moment of fun and innocence for children and just savour the bond between parents and their children and the kids just being silly kids on the ironically night of horror.

it takes a village to foster community, a community that make our children have a sense of belonging where there is no judgment, there is no marginalization, there is no labelling....simply living the way we were designed to...LOVE.

Thank you for all who posed for us and I hope you enjoy the images. They are available at no cost if you would like a copy. just send me a message at annasorianostudio@gmail.com or FB: anna soriano studio